"When we lose the right to be different, we lose the privilege to be free" (Charles E. Hughes)

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Recourse against conviction for intentional homicide for “honour-related” reasons within a Roma community. Evaluation of the futility of the motivations and applicability of the relative aggravating circumstance.

Recourse against conviction for complicity in the abusive practice of a medical profession. Ritual circumcision of the minor son of the defendant, of Nigerian origin. Ignorance of the medical nature of ritual circumcision due to its widespread use in the agent's culture.

Recourse against conviction for the crime domestic violence, victim being the defendant’s minor son. Role of cultural factors influencing the offending conducts and distinction with the crime of abuse of means of correction and discipline.

Crime of domestic violence. Role of the socio-cultural condition that influenced the offending conducts and mitigation of the punitive treatment.