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Nasirov and Others v. Azerbaijan, No. 58717/10, ECtHR (Fifth Section), 20 February 2020


Freedom of religion. Detention of members of the Jehovah’s Witnesses congregation for door-to-door preaching and distribution of religious literature. Methods of proselytising.

Normative references

Art. 5 ECHR 
Art. 9 ECHR


In absence of evidence of improper methods of proselytising, such as public disturbance and invasion of the privacy of others caused by the practice of door-to-door preaching, the detention of persons belonging to the Jeohava’s Witnesses community and the seizure of their educational materials amounts to a violation of freedom to manifest religion or beliefs, enshrined in art. 9 ECHR (case in which some members of the Jeovah’s Witnesses congregation were taken to police stations, subjected to administrative detention and then fined by courts, following their activity of proselytising).