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Regional Administrative Court for Veneto, Third Section, No. 1110/2005, 22 March 2005

Type Judgment
Case number 1110/2005



The display of the crucifix in the classrooms of public schools is legitimate.

Normative references

Articles 2, 3, 7, 8, 19, 20, 21 of the Italian Constitution
Art. 118 of Royal Decree no. 965 of 1924
119 of the Royal decree n. 1297 of 1928 (Table C)
Legislative Decree n. 297 of 1994


1. The crucifix, seen as a symbol of a particular history, culture and national identity, can be legitimately placed in the classrooms of the public school, as it is not only non-contrasting but even affirmative and confirming the principle of the secularity of the Republic.


The ruling defines the first instance judgment of the famous “Lautsi case”, attributing an eminently “cultural” meaning to the crucifix and thus justifying its presence in public school classrooms.