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Abgrall and other 671 v. France, dec., No. 41950/21, ECtHR, 24 August 2021

Type Judgment
Case number 41950/21


Compulsory anti-Covid-19 vaccination for certain categories of workers. Inadmissibility of appeal under Article 39 ECHR. Interim measures. 

Normative references

Art. 2 ECHR 
Art. 8 ECHR 
Law nn. 2021-1040 of 5 August 2021 (France) 


The application for provisional measures under Article 39 ECHR submitted by the applicants (firefighters, rescue workers and hospital staff), following the entry into force of Law No. 2021-1040 of 5 August 2021, imposing compulsory Covid-19 vaccination, is declared inadmissible. Subsequent decisions on the admissibility or merits of the cases in question are not affected. 

(The applicants sought to suspend the vaccination requirement and, in the alternative, to suspend the provisions providing for a prohibition on the exercise of employment for persons not subject to vaccination and the interruption of payment of wages).